May 242013
Yep! The heading pretty much sums up what I’m about to say. It’s that time of the year again when things get pretty damn cold here in the smallish town I live in down under and the letters start rolling in for WHAT! Bloody car Rego, CTP, pink slips…. Bills bills bills! And the flu! Getting pretty sick… don’t get me started on the seasonal sickness for both my wife and myself.


Putting those things aside, I’ve had a good couple of weeks in my new job, its weird, good, but weird… I guess what makes it so weird is that now I have to see myself as a professional, four years at university and I thought yea! A job in the field is going to be awesome; I’m going to make a difference! I still have that feeling I guess, but actually being in the field now.. I feel a little inadequate, and 2nd guessing every move I make, because after all, I am working with people, vulnerable families that are relying on me to make the right choices. That kinda stresses me out at the moment, but I’m hoping it’ll all become routine over time, and the feeling will pass. I know no one is judging me, or assessing me now, but being self aware of the consequences for not doing my job properly plays on my mind, and that’s why I think right now, I’m asking my boss lots of questions, checking on whether I am saying the right things… I guess I just want to get it right the first time. I’ve had one client so far, and received another today, Its been a good start I think, and I’ve done the right things… so I must have learnt something at university during those awfully painful 3 hour lectures!

Some things though that I’m looking forward to in the next couple of weeks is seeing The Adam Hill Show with my wife in Canberra. For those who don’t know Adam Hill, Google him now! He is a damn fine funny comedian that uses a interpreter!

This following Youtube Vid, might give you some idea on what we will be in for!

I also plan to put some time in posting abit more, seeing as things are settling in well for me at work. But for now…


Mad Morro Out!

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