Nov 202012
A happy sheep

So its that time of the morning when i can’t really sleep, however there is this wonderful thing called the “internet” which seems to keep me entertained long enough till my brain start to wanna shut down at 3am in the morning. I bet your sitting there thinking, what’s this got to do with anything? Well its got to do with EVERYTHING!!!  … *Weird morning sleep deprived mumbling* ahhem anyways…

I’m not sure if I’ve stepped over the line here, but during my time spent in bordom at 2am in the morning I may have played a small prank on my fiance. Hopefully in the morning she will see the humor in it… or quite the opposite may happen… she may kill me, in which case if I don’t report back with another post or comment on this one in the next 48 hours, you can presume that things have got pear shaped and i’m probably drowning in some river with a knife in my back.. lol but i’ll jokes aside, I’ll let you in on the little prank i’ve done, with a picture of the facebook msg i left for her to discover tomorrow morning.

Apologies in advance sweetheart! :s

So there you have it… I cannot quite predict how she will react, all I know is she will either find this very amusing or extremely frustrating, in which case she’ll probably be hating on me for a while :s

Today’s question to you, have you played a prank on a loved one and lived to tell the tail? Please do tell your stories below :)

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  1. Safari Android 4.0.4;

    Hey everyone, just thought Id let you know i survived :)

  2. Safari iPad  iOS 6.0.1

    Wasn’t funny butt head! I thought we had been robbed and someone stole my phone haha

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