Nov 222012

Well the year is coming to are close end, I will soon be a social worker graduate as well as a newly wedded husband. I’m eagerly look towards the future however I will miss some things like attending university lectures, and falling asleep in them.. Having awesome lecturers… will miss the ice breakers and class rules, however will not miss the assignments and due by dates, oh and exams.

Our Lecturers were totally down with it…


I’m also slightly afraid of the future, for example not finding a job after graduation… I don’t particularly want to end up like this guy below

A possible outcome for myself if I don’t find a job :s


On to Wedding celebrations.. Everything is pretty much organised and its less than 3 weeks away! GO TEAM! Lucky for my beautiful fiance, that she didn’t leave the planning solely to me, because our save the dates and wedding invites would have probably turned out very similar to the pictures below!

Doesn’t hurt to be different ;)

All this exciting stuff is coming fast, and I can say honestly… I can’t wait :)

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    I left a long comment but it got eaten. Your professor seems really cool. I used to fall asleep in lectures while taking notes and wake up to see my normal notes and then a whole bunch of scribbles from where I tried to keep taking notes in my sleep.

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    The fact that you have a trailer park boys photo in your post instantly made us friends. But your writing is great also. :)

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