Feb 022014

Its official! The other day, my wife and I heard that we had gotten an unconditional loan to buy a block of land, that we have been eyeing off for a while now, which we intend to build on :) still got a long way to go yet, but its a step forward in the right direction!




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Jan 152014

Its been awhile since I have posted something, however when ever I do, it feels good. So i’m going to try to do so more often.

Life is good, but it isn’t without its stresses. Working 9 to 5 in Child protection, 7 days a week does have a toll. And lately its just been soo hot! Like 40 Degrees minimum, I have had a migraine almost every day this week! My wife says I don’t drink enough water, this may be true, but when I do drink till I get bloated and can’t drink anymore and still get a migraine, there has to be something going on…



Because the sort of work I do at times is not easy, I figured today that I would search for a quote or picture to put on my wall, as a reminder for when things get shit and uneasy, I could look at the wall and see that motivational message, or at least something that would make me laugh. Today I achieved that. This is now what will remain on my office wall, above my phone as a reminder that life isn’t shit, and the work that I do helps people, even when they don’t help themselves or don’t want to be helped.

Funny Right!

Anyway I think thats enough for one night, I’m looking forward to posting alittle more often now! :)


Mad Morro

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Jul 012013

Its no surprise to anyone really that i’m abit of a nerd, and when I say nerd I mean that I love all things technological. So when I received my Pebble watch in the mail, I was sooo totally like.. “THAT’S SOOOO LAST YEAR”…

Joks, I was literally drooling at the mouth!

For those who don’t know a Pebble watch is a next gen smart watch that can link to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, it vibrates on your arm when you receive a msg, phone call, email… virtually any notification on your phone will appear on your pebble watch!

Check out the Video for more info




My Pebble Watch!







Also, my Wife and I recently found a new website, which has 7 second videos of people just doing some funny shit, so I thought I would also share this tonight, It’s called VineScope and its not for the faint of heart, if you want to get some kicks from people just doing some crazy stuff, its the place to be!

Anyways, Wifey calling me to bed!


Mad Morro



May 242013
Yep! The heading pretty much sums up what I’m about to say. It’s that time of the year again when things get pretty damn cold here in the smallish town I live in down under and the letters start rolling in for WHAT! Bloody car Rego, CTP, pink slips…. Bills bills bills! And the flu! Getting pretty sick… don’t get me started on the seasonal sickness for both my wife and myself.


Putting those things aside, I’ve had a good couple of weeks in my new job, its weird, good, but weird… I guess what makes it so weird is that now I have to see myself as a professional, four years at university and I thought yea! A job in the field is going to be awesome; I’m going to make a difference! I still have that feeling I guess, but actually being in the field now.. I feel a little inadequate, and 2nd guessing every move I make, because after all, I am working with people, vulnerable families that are relying on me to make the right choices. That kinda stresses me out at the moment, but I’m hoping it’ll all become routine over time, and the feeling will pass. I know no one is judging me, or assessing me now, but being self aware of the consequences for not doing my job properly plays on my mind, and that’s why I think right now, I’m asking my boss lots of questions, checking on whether I am saying the right things… I guess I just want to get it right the first time. I’ve had one client so far, and received another today, Its been a good start I think, and I’ve done the right things… so I must have learnt something at university during those awfully painful 3 hour lectures!

Some things though that I’m looking forward to in the next couple of weeks is seeing The Adam Hill Show with my wife in Canberra. For those who don’t know Adam Hill, Google him now! He is a damn fine funny comedian that uses a interpreter!

This following Youtube Vid, might give you some idea on what we will be in for!

I also plan to put some time in posting abit more, seeing as things are settling in well for me at work. But for now…


Mad Morro Out!

Apr 232013

Ok.. so before you judge… YOUR ALREADY JUDGING MEEE!!

hah.. I am just going to say that i’m totally not jealous of all those super duper blogs that receive awards for posting every week… every day.. every hour… I’m not..really, and although I’ve never ever  have received a blog award, especially for my creativity in writing or unique personality.. (Yeah be suprised).. I am just going to say bluntly that yeah I admit that I can’t spell at times, and that I’ve never ever really been ‘good’ at writing… especially blog posts… in fact I was that bad at english in High School that.. well lets just say I think my teachers felt that bad for me that they gave me scraping passes.. anyways, I’m here to say that… you know what.. lets congratulate those people who try.. no matter how crap or boring and down right ugly their blog is, I say HEY! Lets give them an award for trying!


So in some brillance at the end of last year, I made some Blog Awards in my seemingly endless spare time (Where did that go???) to give away in the hopes that I would make some poor uncreative, unimaginative shell of a person …sort of like myself feel better… or maybe I can just give them away to people I think don’t get enough recognition.. yeah that works too!


So without further to do I present thee blog awards!!! (HUGE APPLAUSE AND CLAPS…. CLAP DAMNIT!!!) 




This one goes out to a special creative one that well, her blog interestingly reminds me of the mad hatter and that crazy story that I for the love of me cannot remember, anywho.. this 20 something young lady creates and sells her own jewellery,  yeah thats right! But not only has she got that up her sleeve, but her whole blog is designed from the ground up, with much thought and love, which seems like hours and hours of tiring coding… which honestly seems like way too much work for me, so automatic kudos going out to the cool chick Down the Rabbit Hole

Jedi Jay and obi wan kenobi walk down the red carpet to collect her award.





Smells Like Home Award


Gosh what was I thinking, what a boring award… well not so boring for some, but I stumbled across this wonderful food blog the other day, and I must say well the sight of Icecream had me won over. Ofcourse I will be directing my wife to check out this blog as it has many tasty treats, and nevertheless reminds me of home, not to forget to mention that this woman takes very very good photographs. I was quite impressed and hence thy the power invested in me and all things good and tasty, I present thee All Things Considered Yummy with the Smells Like Home Blog Award

Undisclosed english looking woman (possibly Nigella Lawson in disguise) walks down the red carpet with her freshly made roast to receive her award.




Sexiest Blog of the Year Award


Ok so this was the hardest of the hardest to give away, as there are not many my bad, there are heaps!!! of  sexy blogs out there more then I originally thought, nevertheless one was found. After alot of consideration and deciding not to award this to myself, I found myself at Between My Sheets where Rori shares an almost unbelievable amount of adventures and stories of the sexual nature, its quite frankly just WOW! Anyway, I probably should add that if you are not inclined to looking at penis’s and weird fetishs then its ok to click the link, there’s not too much.. :p All jokes aside, I think Rori’s Blog wins the cake on this one, Kudos to you.

Rori walks down the red carpet with her leather whip to claim her award.



Feel free to steal the blog awards to award yourself, especially if I just awarded it to you, I will though attempt to contact the winners…  :)

Wow thats was fun, We should make this a yearly thing!

Collapsing back to sleep,

Mad Morro